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Installation Services

Installation Services

Irrigation Installation & System Repair

Advance Lawn & Landscape uses a tested and proven process to design you Sprinkler / Drip Irrigation System based on your property’s layout and needs, including but not limited to: soil analysis, grading and elevation summary, current and future landscape requirements, neighborhood standards, and desired coverage. We understand that an irrigation system is there to support the health and vitality of your turf and garden. We make sure that each square foot is accounted for on an individual basis.

As your landscaping changes, your irrigation systems have to be customized to reflect those changes. Sometimes it is as simple as re calibrating or adding individual sprinkler heads, other times it may be desirable to expand the system itself. If the irrigation systems are not designed to be further developed it can be an expensive option to consider. That is why Advance Lawn & Landscape, during our Planning and Design phase, identifies any future coverage the property might require, and installs a system that is capable of cost effective and convenient modifications and/or repairs.

Installation Services

Mulch Installation

There’s a secret behind achieving a beautiful, lush lawn. Landscape professionals know what it is, but many homeowners don’t. Mulch can protect your plants’ and trees’ roots from summer heat or winter cold; plus as it breaks down, mulch adds nutrition to your lawn and garden.

Installation Services

Sod Installation

There’s more to replacing your yard than you might think. It’s certainly more than just replacing sod. If you already have an irrigation system, we’ll take great care to protect your investment. If you don’t have one, this is a great time to schedule your installation. Once your old yard is removed, the ground and soil must be prepped. That includes removing grass, roots, rocks and then leveling the soil.

Since we install premium sod from local farms, Advance Lawn & Landscape schedules delivery to ensure the freshest grass possible. And unlike some installers, our crews take great care to lay your new sod in tightly placed rows. That practice will pay dividends as your new lawn establishes itself.

Installation Services

Hardscape Construction

Specializing in paver stone patios and retaining walls, we have literally built our reputation from the ground up. One of the oldest forms of construction, stone masonry has been hailed for the elegance and style it lends to projects like decks, walkways, fireplaces, water features etc., and it’s still as popular as ever. We have combined modern construction technology with traditional methods to provide the highest standard of quality in stonework available. Our commitment is to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction on every job and to make this experience as cost-effective as possible.

Installation Services

Landscape Illumination

Proper landscape illumination can be an integral part of extending your living space after dark. Effective lighting will allow you to use your outdoor spaces after dark enhancing not only form, but function as well as safety and security. With Advance Lawn & Landscape, you will win the battle against darkness and will let you relax and enjoy your landscape at any time.


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